BIQE – the ScanDispatcher

  • ScanDispatcher is a software program designed to create filebuilding (multithreads)
  • the scanned object scan vary between A6 to A0+
  • the software recognizes barcodes as well as filenumbers
  • the image filters available are rotating and autocrop as well as margin settings
  • after exporting the scans will automatically be removed
  • the barcodes and filenumbers will be automatically listed down under the filename given
  • the current Excell list with document information shall be upgraded with additional data
  • the added columns shall be automatically set up

BIQE, the Amsterdam Archive and ScanDispatcher…

The city of Amsterdam asked us if it was possible, after they scanned their building plans, to process their plans, with as little as possible actions. Especially because their activities mostly accomplished by a social work place. This means that the percentage of mistakes is often higher. So everything needs to be atomized inasmuch as possible. So we developed for the Amsterdam Archive custom-made-software, which we call, ScanDispatcher:

Next the images are automatically cropped, applicable with a black border, so you can check if the all image and processed as it should. Afterwards the files automatically get exported, this means, that every bar code and dossier number is copied to the right directory, which is manufactured in an earlier stage of the process. You also get an enriched list, in which you can check the right amount of scans. By following this procedure our error rating is very low or even almost impossible.


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