Optimizing with BIQE, means that our software enhances your images, this means that the OCR of your text is recognized better. Alongside automatic splitting and cropping BIQE also has the so called, that crops your document both vertical and horizontal.

BIQE is user-friendly. All the actions take place in one Window: the Galary, whichs shows both the adjustment-screen, the result-screen and the screen of the image filters. You don’t have to switch screen, because all the process takes place in that one screen. All in one overview.

Other advantages of BIQE are:

  • You can choose from more then 38 imagefilters: You can decide in what order you want the place each of the 38 image filters, and also which Image filter you want to add in the process. You can save it all in your own Image profile that you name and that you can use and adjust for other documents whatever you want. The Image filters itself have all kind of parameters which you can adjust.
  • Import more Images: Besides just scanning, you can also import your images into BIQE. The fabulous and unique thing about BIQE is that it can import thousands of documents at once, without losing any speed.
  • You can always undo the process-steps: Did you crop a bit to much or did you cut off the title of the page? You can always “undo” the previous step(s) in the process. Even go back to the original!




You want to be able to simply optimize and maximize your documents? Without all kind of difficult processing-steps, or difficult settings and mandatory extra’s. You can. With BIQE. We want to help you to make the right choices. Please, contact us if you have any questions!

Document Scanning

The great thing about BIQE is that you can literally import thousands of images at once, without loosing any scrolling-speed and processing-speed.

Document Optimization

Is your scan or image of a bad quality? Then BIQE can enhance your image to get the best OCR-result. You can use 38 Imagefilters to do this job.

Document Storage

With our custom-made-software ScanDispatcher you can also OCR your architectural-drawings with barcodes and dossiernumbers. They will also be exported in the right folder Also the folder is manufactured automatically in your Explorer.