The digitize-process begins with a good scan of the document. During the scanning you immediately see the images in your ‘BIQE-Explorer’, where you can adjust them. All in one Window. In this all process you don’t need any other additional software at all. We ‘unburden’ the digitizing process from scan2ocr and output.

Old and rare books are in good hands with BIQE. We not only support German Fraktur, but also Old English, Old French, Old Italian etc. – in contrast with other software on the market – you can process and export your files without any limitations. BIQE stands for quality:

  • Does your software get stuck with thousands of images?
  • How time-consuming/wasting is it, if you have to import the images in portions of 10 times a hundred pages?

That is out of the question when you use BIQE.

The capacity of BIQE is unique and is self-evident. To come to a maximum result, we offer you the total package. We deliver from beginning to end, from scan- and OCR, and we also have quality-scanners and very fast PC-systems. But it all starts with scanning. If you want we can also take the physical scanning process out off your hands.


For all your questions about BIQE or the right choice in scan equipment, you can contact us without any commitments. We will answer all your questions and would like to help you to find the best solution for your digitizing-process.

Document Scanning

In the digitizing process scanning takes a lot off time, but correcting and post processing thousands of your scanned images takes hours and hours of your precious time. With BIQE this is all in the past!

Document Optimization

Are you searching for OCR-software with the highest OCR-output? Then BIQE software is your best choice. We first optimize your images before we start up our OCR-engine.

Document Storage

ScanDispatcher processes architectural-drawings with dossier numbers and bar codes and exports these automatically into the right directory. That is what we call automatic digitizing and archiving.