BIQE: digitize documents with a unique scan software

BIQE software will help you digitize your documents. Before the OCR software turns your images into editable text, our unique scan software will first edit these images. Every scanned document will therefor be of best quality. We promise you two things: we unburden and we deliver custom-made services.


BIQE is your specialist, when it comes to digitizing documents. We love what we do: scanning and digitizing documents originally started as a hobby, but very soon grew to be our passion. We want to deliver the best possible digitizing services and we developed our own software to do so. At home or at work, our BIQE scan and OCR software will help you to always get the best results, when scanning your documents and files.

Document scanning

Scan a thousand images at once with our BIQE software. The images will be visible immediately in the special BIQE Explorer. This is where you will edit your images, all visible in one single windows; you don’t need any additional software.

Unlimited scanning, editing and exporting?

Document optimization

with BIQE you first improve the quality of your images, so the OCR software will recognize the characters better. The 38 image filters and the automatic splitting and cropping gives you access to a unlimited amount of options to optimize your images.

Document storage

When using BIQE software, saving scanned documents is done in no time; BIQE can store 10 different file-types together at once. Each file-type can also be adjusted to the desired settings.

BIQE: the most versatile scan software!

OCR software

When you digitize documents, you do not only want the best possible quality when doing so, you also want to be able to search text and characters afterwards.

With the advanced BIQE OCR software you can do both. Our software even recognizes old writings, such as the German, French and English gothics.

Document anonymization

Our unique software anonymizes privacy sensitive information in your documents. Document obscuring, PDF-redaction; personal dated will be blacked out by BIQE, whilst other text remains searchable.

BIQE Anonymization software meets the latest privacy regulations.

Digitize construction files

Our special BIQE ScanDispatcher will help you digitize construction files easyily. Barcodes and file numbers are recognized and added as a folder- or file name.

Our flexible software can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your project. Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Learn more about BIQE

Watch our video (choose “subtitle”) and discover how we can help you to digitize and optimize your images.


We from BIQE help you digitize your valuable documents and books. We can also process extreme amounts of images for you – because the B in BIQE stands for Batch!

We unburden you entirely! From quality scanners to scanning documents. From optimizing and OCR, to processing to different file types for your digital archive or database.

Depending on your demands and needs, we deliver a custom-made solution, both in hardware, software, as in full service. Being it a more a standard solution, or a very complex custom-made project – BIQE is your expert.


We listen to your wishes and input. At BIQE we have a direct line to our programmers, so we can adjust our software very quickly. We have a unique form of service and offer custom-made solutions.

What makes our software so unique, is that we – before we OCR your text – get the best out of your images first, so the OCR-recognition of your documents will be optimal.


Nb. Are you working for government agency?
Our flatbed scanners and software measure up to the Metamorfoze standards.


BIQE Guide

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Products in our shop

To get the most out of our software, you would need a professional scanner and a PC that can handle the various processes. Therefor, beside our software, we also deliver customized workstations. So you can be sure to work fast and with maximum efficiency.


BIQE software is offered to you in four different speed versions. The software you chose should meet the speed of your PC. Our software is updated on a regular basis and you can always rely on our free support. Please have a look at our software packages.

PC systems

We deliver three different PC systems which are customized and optimized for your BIQE software. The HP Workstations and BIQE software work as a team and will make sure your workflow is never interrupted. Quality and speed is guaranteed when using a BIQE PC.


We work together with A-Vision Imaging and deliver book scanners, flatbed scanners, drawing scanners and document scanners which are perfectly suited for your BIQE software. The results of using these scanners? Scans of excellent quality!


BIQE software and PC’s are optimized to meet the needs of our clients. We offer three different packages that will deliver quality and speed, depending on your needs and wishes. Have a look at our interesting discount packages!