BIQE Basic Package

You are a private person, you are self employed or have a small business? Are you looking for an OCR scan software that takes all things out of your hands? So you can save a lot of time?

BIQE processes all your images automatically in one Batch-processing. With this package you can process 16 images at once, which makes BIQE not only user-friendly, it also saves you a lot of your valuable time.

To make use of the full speed of our BIQE 16 scansoftware-package, we also supply a PC-system with 8 cores and 16 Threads, so you get the maximum out of your purchase. And save you money.

Our BIQE Basic 16 Package gives a new experience to document scanning!

BIQE Advanced Package

You are someone who regularly wants to export several scans at once? For example, as a self employed or as an archivist working at a small borough? Then our BIQE Advanced 32 Package is what you are looking for.

You can process 32 images at the same time. This means 800 images in 18 minutes. Now, that is what we call “speed”.

With BIQE Advanched, 32 images are fully automatic processed, because you will have a PC system that has 16 cores and 32 Threads. This gives you a lot of speed when processing your images… which saves you a lot of time.

We, too, know that “time is money”.

BIQE Professional Package

Are you an archivist or other professional? Or are you a enthusiastic “scanner”, who has made professional scanning to a hobby? You work on a daily base, scanning and processing of all kind of scans on a professional level? Then this package is the best choice for you!

With our BIQE Professional 56 package you will get the max out of your scanning and OCR software. With this package you can process 56 images at one time. This means 900 images per 9 minutes! That’s why we sell our fastest computer system as a package…

With the BIQE 56 Professional Package you can scan and digitize on the highest level!


Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about our products. We are looking forward to help you and provide you with the information you need, so you can make the best choice.

BIQE Software

BIQE scan and OCR software enhances your images for the best OCR-result. It’s the best product on the market, both for the beginner as the professional. Our “price quality ratio” is the best there is on the market.

BIQE Scanners

We have more then 25 years experience in scan equipment. You can contact us for customized advice. As you will know: digitizing starts with a quality-scan. See our various options for document scanners, book scanners and design scanners.

BIQE PC Systems

We adapted our computer systems with our BIQE scan software packages. The more cores your computer system has, the faster the images will be processed. We will help you with all kind of question regarding installation of our software.