BookEye A1 Book scanner
  • A1+ bookscanner
  • 400 x 400 dpi optical resolution
  • Automatic book cradle, height to almost 4 inches
  • Automatically opening of the pane of glass
  • Unique: scans flat and in 140º V-form
  • Gamut > AdobeRGB, Embedden scanner-ICC
  • DIN A1 with 300 dpi —>> 5,3 seconds
  • Scan to FTP, SMB, USB, email, Tablet or Smartphone
  • BIQE software
Flatbed scanner WideTEK 26- 650
  • Flatbed scanner DIN A2+
  • Scans 3D area’s for QC
  • Backlight units for transparant images
  • Provided ICC profile
  • 2 LED lights, IR/UV free
  • 7 inch or 22 inch touchscreen
  • Scan to FTP, SMB, USB, email, Tablet
  • Auto Crop and Deskew
  • Virtual Rescan
  • BIQE software 
WideTEK 48 Drawing scanner
  • Big-format Drawing scanner
  • 48 inch width
  • 1200 x 600 dpi optical resolution
  • Autoformat – detection
  • Endowed ICC profile
  • Adjustable crop margin
  • Network scanning through web browser
  • BIQE scansoftware
  • Scan to FTP, SMB, USB, email, i-Pad or Android
  • LED lighting, no heating time, IR/UV free
  • Exchangeable scan-background, black and white (for example: Sepia)
  • “Face-up” scanning
Document scanner (ScaMax)
  • Production Document scanner DIN A3+
  • Optical resolution of 600 dpi
  • Unique  upgrade pad, 90ppm-BS > 170ppm-CD
  • Given ICC profile
  • 2 integrated inkjet printers (befor and after scan)
  • Touchscreen, for simple operation.
  • Very extensive Twain and ISIS functions
  • Directed LED lighting (IR/UV free)
  • Auto Rotation. Text orientation
  • Multi streaming, triple, dual streaming
  • KOFAX certified

Where to focus on if you want to buy a scanner?

Particularly with scanning rare books you want to choose the best professional scanner. After all, the better the quality of the scan, the better the OCR-result will be!

Points of interest:

  1. Resolution. This is being expressed in pixels per inch: ppi or dpi.
  2. Lighting. The BookEye 4 is a line-scanner. The image is build up per line. The lighting follows the scan, so this is a very evenly distributed scan.
  3. Sharpness or Focus. A line-scanner has a dynamic focus and follows the surface of the book – so it is always a sharp image.
  4. Speed. The modern bookscanner has a vey high speed. Within a few seconds the image is scanned, cropt, aligned, split and stored. BIQE software stands for speed.
  5. Driver. You can choose for a standard TWAIN-DRIVER which will work with every connected scanner, or you can choose for our specially developed API-DRIVER, that works with all BookEye and WideTEK scanners – even those with the newest firmware!

The right scanner is the best start. Ask us for more information!

Every BIQE software package works with your so-called standard TWAIN driver. TWAIN drivers work with every connected scanner. For the more professional scanners we have developed our own driver, this is the so-called API driver. This driver operates together with all scanners of ImageAccess: like the BookEye and WideTEK!


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