Your old books, documents and construction files scanned perfectly into editable text

BIQE OCR software is a unique and first class scan- and OCR software package by which you can very easily improve the quality of images, which again leads to better text recognition by the Optical Character Recognition software. Our software is able to import, edit and process up to a 10.000 images at once – without losing any speed when doing so. After all, BIQE means Batch Image Quality Enhancer for a reason. Before you save your books and documents digitally, you will scan these and optimize them with no less than 38 image filters. This will always give you to the best results. BIQE OCR software is developed for Windows and compatible with every scanner. This makes our products and packages suitable for both business clients and private individuals.

  • Import and edit up to a 10.000 images at once
  • Perfect results due to 38 image filters
  • 4 OCR basic packages, but custom made solutions are also available
  • To “OCR” old books, documents and construction files
  • Document obscuring and PDF-redaction: professional anonymization software

Are you interested in our BIQE OCR software or would you like further information? Have a look at our packages or contact us for custom made solutions. We are always looking for the best results.

The possibilities of BIQE OCR software

The BIQE OCR software packages offer you no less than 38 image filters, which is unique in the world of preprocessing OCR software suppliers. See the three examples below. The image on the left shows the use of two filters; a background removal and straightening a crooked scanned page. The image in the center shows the dewarp-option, which removes the bulging of the page. The image at the far right shows a background removal.

The complete list of image filters is divided into 5 area’s, namely size modification, color, rotation, exposure and special:

Size modification

  • Centering
  • Fixed cropping
  • Floating fixed crop
  • Margins cleaning
  • Outer margins
  • Perspective correction
  • Scaling


  • Inversion
  • Monochrome conversion


  • Deskew
  • Rotate to angle
  • Vertical/horizontal flip



  • Blur
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Saturation
  • Sharpness


  • Background removal
  • Block deletion
  • Character repair
  • Color image screening
  • Despeckling
  • Erosion / Dilation
  • Finger Masking
  • Lightness equalization
  • Manual correction tools
  • Paper flaws smoothing
  • Photo/illustrations enhancement
  • Removing glare
  • Smoothing and Bitonal
  • Text dewarping


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Our OCR software packages

In the BIQE shop you will find four OCR software packages. These are developed for four different speeds. The maximum speed of the packages – including the speed of processing images – is expressed by threads. Every PC has a number of cores and every core contains 2 threads. An average computer has 4 cores, meaning 8 threads. The more threads, the faster and more efficient you can work. Every package contains the BIQE Basic software, one year of free updates and BIQE Support included. Our free Helpdesk is also available to answer all your questions about our unique OCR software.

BIQE Basic 4

648one off
  • BIQE Basic 4 Software €399,00
  • 4 Threads
  • Incl. Updates €249,00 (1 year valid)
  • Incl. Support & Helpdesk

BIQE Basic 16

848one off
  • BIQE Basic 16 Software €599,00
  • 16 Threads
  • Incl. Updates €249,00 (1 year valid)
  • Incl. Support & Helpdesk

BIQE Basic 32

1.048one off
  • BIQE Basic 32 Software €799,00
  • 32 Threads
  • Incl. Updates €249,00 (1 year valid)
  • Incl. Support & Helpdesk

BIQE Basic 56

1.448one off
  • BIQE Basic 56 Software €1.199,00
  • 56 Threads
  • Incl. Updates €249,00 (1 year valid)
  • Incl. Support & Helpdesk

Would you like to get the most out of your OCR software? We also offer special BIQE PC systems. These systems are a perfect match to our software packages, which will improve efficiency. After all, what is the use of a super-fast scan software if your PC can’t keep up?

Document obscuring for data protection

If certain documents contain personal data or other information that has to be dealt with carefully, our BNAS (BiqeNetworkAnonymizationService) will make sure to anonymize this data. Would you like to know more? Read all about the BIQE Anonymization.

What is OCR?

OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition. Thanks to this digital technique, a computer is able to read letters, numbers and characters of an image. For example: when you scan a historic document, your computer will save this as an image. The OCR software turns this image into editable text. This makes it easy to search through text, which is very usefully if you want to create a big database and want to be able to seek through it.

The unique thing about the BIQE OCR software is the so-called preprocessing. Due to 38 filters you can edit images, until they have the desired quality, after which our software turns the images into editable text. Our OCR software is so advanced that it can even OCR the German “Frakturschrift”, as Old English, Old French and Old Italian. We are also working on the recognition of the old Dutch characters. This is a breakthrough in the OCR-market of which we are very proud!

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OCR, how does it work?

Optical Character Recognition is a scan software which recognizes patterns. A scanned document, which contains text, will be recognized as an image. The letters, numbers and characters can be recognized on pixel level. These pixels form words which can be digitized. This again makes a digital document searchable. The smart BIQE OCR software is unique because of it’s 38 image filters which you can apply first, before converting your document into editable text. With BIQE you can now easily scan historical books and make them editable.

Custom made OCR software

Our packages are based on the open-source OCR Tesseract. The advantage here are the regular updates, included our own updates. We are always trying to improve our software. This also gives us the opportunity to make specific adjustments to our software and make our product custom made for you. Please feel free to ask us about the possibilities.

More information

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