The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes anonymizing documents a “must” for companies and organisations. Your documents no longer can hold visible or detectable information, which can be traced back to an individual person. When such documents are published, all personal data has to be made unrecognizable and not readable. BIQE delivers a powerful software to anonymize and obscure documents, according to the GDPR. Use BIQE for your anonymization process: read more on this page about how our professionals handle this process and how they can unburden you completely.

Redaction with BIQE Network Anonymization Service – BNAS

When using the special BIQE anonymization software, you can be sure your documents will be obscured according to the latest regulations. The pictures below show you an oversight of this process. BIQE uses roughly 7 steps to anonymize documents.

BIQE's anonimiseerproces

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  1. Importing the images.
  2. Project management fill out the project settings automatically.
  3. The images transfer from the Explorer mode to the Processing mode, for image improvement.
  4. The images will return to the Explorer mode to proceed to the Recognition mode for the images OCR.
  5. The refreshed list of OCR data will get pasted in to BNAS, after which the recognized wordings will get anonymized automatically.
  6. The images will return to the explorer mode on to the Quality Control mode (QC) after which all the images will be checked one by one.
  7. Last but not least, the images will return once more to the Explorer mode, on to the Exporting mode (where you can export your images to the preferred locations).

Do you want sensitive information in your documents to be anonymized by BIQE? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us. Our specialist are here to help.

Place redaction marks within documents

Your scanned documents contain text. This text partially might need to be obscured, while you would like the remaining text to be visible and searchable. Our OCR software optimizes digitized documents, after which it can “read” the characters in this document. The words that need to be made unreadable, we add manually. The program will then automatically place a black redaction mark, which is 50% transparent. This way, the anonymized data can still be checked and verified. By clicking the redaction mark once again, the mark becomes 100% black. The data is now fully obscured.

This process is irreversible. The result is a scanned, completely anonymized document. Sensitive data is now no longer readable or detectable. The remaining text can be made searchable, so you can still find all other information within that document.

BIQE software for document anonymization

  • Fully automated software
  • Personal data anonymization according to GDPR
  • Non-obscured text remains searchable
  • 100% blackening of data is irreversible
  • Subsequent verification by the BIQE control network

Document obscuring / PDF Redaction – who is it meant for?

Both individuals, as businesses can have their documents anonymized by BIQE. The majority of our clients come from public authorities, such as local authorities, regional water authorities, national government, and so on. Since it it undo-able for such organizations to anonymize that amount of documents by hand – it is just too much data –  our BIQE software offers the perfect solution. Our software covers 90% of the anonymization process automatically. The remaining 10% is covered by Drechtwerk. We call this our control network. The people at Drechtwerk cannot participate in the regular labor market, but can still contribute to society. Those that are part of the BIQE control network have a high level and work very accurately.

Download further information

Would you like to know more about our BIQE Network Anonymizing Service? Click on the image below to view our PowerPoint-presentation. Here you will find further information about our software.

BIQE Network Anonymizing Servci

BIQE anonymizes all your documents; fast, precise and safe

The letter ‘B’ in BIQE stands for batch. With our software and PC’s, we are able to digitize and anonymize many of your documents at once. Your documents are being edited and processed at a central, highly secured location, where 24 PC’s are connected to 3 servers. The PC’s each contain a very powerful processor and can be linked together for extra computing power. This is how BIQE is able to anonymize millions of pages according latest regulations, in only a few weeks time.


Would you like documents that contain sensitive information to be anonymized by BIQE?
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